The Top 10 Best Nostalgia Critic Episodes

For years, Nostalgia Critic has entertained many people on the internet. Every one of his reviews includes clever humor, in-depth analysis of nostalgia, and profound sense of gratitude towards films.  I would like to list the top ten reviews from his repertoire.

10. “Raiders of the Story Arc – X-Men The Animated Series
This is the first Nostalgia Critic review I saw back in 2013. It was an energetic, funny, and in-depth review showing how the animated series still held up today despite its goofy tone. This review was like listening to a fan finally watching his/her favorite show in a while in excitement and pleasure.

9. “Cartoon All Stars Drug Special (1990)”

In the review, Nostalgia Critic conveys the reaction of disappointment. He remembers how everyone in the early 90’s were duped into thinking this special was only going to be about a crossover with every well known animated character at the time. Boy, was he in for a treat! It was instead a poorly executed special about how drugs are dangerous throughout its running time. Nostalgia Critic ridicules this special for its logic, terrible song, predictability, and false advertising of the cartoon characters being the main focus.

    8. “Batman & Robin (1997)”

Based on the ludicrous puns, annoying lines from Robin, immature innuendos, and overacting from the villains, the film Batman & Robin is known as the worst superhero movie of all time. The Nostalgia Critic is comically angry with this film rightfully so, because in his own heart he is criticizing this film for the sake of Batman’s character and the future of superhero films.  

   7. “Godzilla (1998)”

  Nostalgia Critic is deceived again from false advertising. The film disrespects the character of Godzilla. It is a bland and annoying film to watch. The annoying lead character, Nick Tatopoulos is mocked for his last name and nerdy behavior in the review. He is also ridiculed because he could not get over his break-up with his girlfriend. From the poorly designed and rarely shown Godzilla, Nostalgia Critic really categorizes this film as a disaster of a movie and puts it down to the fire gates of unpopular genres. 

6. “The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)” 

Of all the movies to be greenlighted, The Garbage Pail Kids Movie is universally disliked by movie critics and audiences. Nostalgia Critic feels like a hostage reviewing this movie. He is struck by confusion of how a movie could be so poorly directed. These are the four elements that make the film so terrible such as: characters that are ugly on the inside and outside, a bizarre plot, an illogical script, and a horrible message. As his review ends, he regrettably proclaims this film to be the worst movie he ever saw in his life. Ironically it is also one of the best reviews he has ever done.

  5. “Hook (1991)”

 Even a film that is well liked by everyone and critics could still have flaws in it. Hook (1991) is a film that Nostalgia Critic adores greatly, despite the plot holes, the clichés from previous Steven Spielberg movies, and the bad acting from the child actors. His review is heartwarming in terms of the praise the movie receives from time to time. There is a charm of humor when Nostalgia Critic mentions the puzzling negatives of the movie.

  4. “Scooby-Doo (2002)”

 Here was a supposed finale of the Nostalgia Critic. The fans saw a character who was predictable in every movie he has reviewed. That reaction was anger. Deeply he is trying to get some originality in his reviews. This review shows the conflict. The movie has been reviewed not only by the Nostalgia Critic, but also by his past and older self. It was a way to show the film has not met expectations in the past, does not meet expectations now, nor in the future. It is a interesting observation of how a film could be still received the same way at any different time. In the end, this review might not deliver the perfect ending for the Nostalgia Critic, but it brought some new approaches in his reviews.

  3. “Moulin Rouge! (2001)”

 Nostalgia Critic is not a fan of this beloved film for many reasons. The film is filled an abundance of romance clichés, annoying editing, pretentious characters, and poorly adapted songs. In order for Nostalgia Critic to really savage this film, he needs to introduce satire the in songs and special introductions similar to the film. It makes the criticism of the film more apparent and the review funny and visually entertaining. 

      2. “The Cat in the Hat (2003)”

  What happens when a studio just listens to a chart of pop culturally references and expect the movie to be successful by capitalizing on it? The Cat in the Hat (2003) is a movie that many audiences and critics  sadly saw in the theaters in a conflict of insanity. From a terrible adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ well known book comes a movie that did not do justice to Dr. Seuss’ legacy. Of all the pandering to the corporate world of film, comes a beautiful speech from Nostalgia Critic. The speech is about how good art should come with care and appreciation for the source material, not from the movie world. 

      1. “The Christmas Tree (1991): The Worst Christmas Special EVER!

    It is Christmas time and a review is ready to dash off to the New Year! Wait! We have here a special so horrendous that it gets the title of being the worst Christmas special of all time. The review points out the hilarity of how wooden every character is, except for the crazy caretaker lady, the cheap animation, and a ridiculous plot. He states it as “The Room” version of a Christmas special. Despite all the laughs he had making fun of the film’s flaws, Nostalgia Critic had the best message of all time when it came to making a movie. It takes effort no matter the excuse. That message is why this review is the number one best Nostalgia Critic Review. 

Opinion Blog: Nostalgia Critic – A Wrinkle in Time

There has to be a guideline when adapting an novel into a film. The adaptation must be true to the message of the novel in order to please the audiences. That however is not the case with this film adaptation. Today Nostalgia Critic has reviewed “A Wrinkle in Time” with a mixed reception. He sees the film as unfocused because all the great ideas and performances don’t mesh well in this film.

This film is about a little girl who misses her scientist father, that has been gone for five years after discovering a new planet. With the help of her brother and a new friend, she goes out to find him. Along their journey, they meet three astral travelers who know how the little girl’s father traveled to a new planet through the method of using a tesseract. As the journey begins to unfold in this new planet, danger starts to unfold in many forms.

What I see in this film is a lack of liveliness. There is no cinematic plot to transform the great ideas into good performances. The performances from the child actors range from too whimsical, or to uninspired to convey emotion for the audience to care. From the adult actors such as Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, or Mindy Kaling, the performances come off as unintentionally awkward, annoying, or pretentious. While the effects could look somewhat decent in certain areas, they come across as too uncanny or shiny to look realistic. 

It is a shame that the fans of the original book would never receive a well executed adaption in a lifetime. With this one and the 2003 tv film, this book is unlucky both in the small and big screens. I give this film 2.5 out of 5 stars due to the poor execution and the failure of fully engaging the audience. 

Opinion Blog: Nostalgia Critic – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Besides all the preparation, this film has disappointed many, but that is not so surprising because this franchise did not have a leg up since 1993. Nostalgia Critic had looked at this cinematic of ideas, but it was hopeless because these ideas have already been explored. As for new ideas, they were beyond idiotic and did not pay off. This critic gives this film a dumping of dreaded disappointment, as I am partially on board with and somewhat opposed to.

The film is about our two leads: Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) are now back at Jurassic World after three years have gone by. Their mission in the park is to rescue some dinosaurs from an volcanic eruption. As the rescue effort becomes a challenge, they soon discover new types of dinosaurs that could be a danger to the whole world.

With the title of the film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the audience would expect the film to have the dinosaurs roam the earth destroying everything in their path, after their homeland has been destroyed. That is not the case. As Nostalgia Critic puts it, the film drags on with tired tropes from previous Jurassic movies such as the whimsical imagery of Parasaurolophus just roaming around in a open field. The couple that got together in the first movie are now bickering at each other, and a mysterious owner of the island was too oblivious to the mixture of DNA from many dinosaurs. In the end everything turns for the worse. When new ideas occur, they leave an underwhelming or frustrating impact on the story. As the film is about to end, it looks like the film is going to show many dinosaurs causing all sorts of destruction and bloodbath when they appear all over the world. However, that doesn’t happen. Instead the audience is left with a T-Rex just roaring at a lion. Another idea just includes a little girl that is actually a clone of a deceased granddaughter. This twist is so out of place, that it does not connect with the film’s story or message and all it amounts to is filler to the movie.

From my point of view, this film could just be a troll movie instead of a disappointment. The filmmakers tried to hype up the ideas of dinosaurs roaming the earth just to destroy. But all the film provided was a series of confusing ideas executed very poorly. The film seems laughable after a first viewing.

Opinion Blog: Nostalgia Critic – The Powerpuff Girls Movie

Wow Nostalgia Critic was right! This film had all the action and drama and in the end it left you with an underwhelming experience. The Powerpuff Girls Movie was released on July 3, 2002 with a mediocre response from critics and audiences. It was reviewed by the Nostalgia Critic on November 7, 2018 on his site, Channel Awesome.

The filmmakers tried to depict a serious plot, but the story needed to be more multidimensional to really flesh out the characters and the emotions efficiently. In this film, the action and comedy was worthy of notice for its speed and entertaining value. The animation in the film looked ten times better than the show’s animation on Cartoon Network. On the other hand, the film needed a clever script so it would not look like an extended episode that was lazily put into the theaters. 

In the end, I did have a fun time watching this movie again for its nostalgia. I was able to relive the moments of watching this film and the TV show on Cartoon Network. I praise this film for its sleek animation design, simple humor, and fast action. However, it drags in its underwhelming story and character development. I give this movie a score of 3 out of 5 stars in line with Nostalgia Critic’s opinion.