The After Effects of Blockbusters Part 2

Streaming services like Netflix have provided films that are mostly dramas getting nominated or winning big with the Academy Awards. One of their first films was a documentary called The Square (2013). It revolved around the well known Arab Spring revolution taking place in Egypt (Ladika). There were other well known films released like The White Helmets (2016), Beasts of No Nation (2016), and Roma (2018). These films dealt with subjects around civilian rescues in Syria, African child soldiers, and the life of a house keeper in 1970’s Mexico (Ladika). Netflix and Amazon have also provided well written dramas and comedies like House of Cards (2013-) Orange is the New Black (2013-) and Transparent (2014-).

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From MediaPost

With all of these successes from streaming services, major studios are taking notice as stated, “AT&T owns WarnerMedia, which will launch a streaming service featuring Warner Bros., HBO and other new content. In late 2017, Disney announced it was purchasing 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion in preparation for launching its streaming service, Disney+. Disney will provide new TV programs based on its Marvel and Star Wars characters and will offer Fox’s film and TV lineups as well” (Ladika).

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From Variety

Despite the fallbacks of declining box office numbers domestically and facing competition with Netflix or Amazon, 2018 was the year of triumph and strategy. The movie, “Black Panther” (2018) was a movie getting praised for all black cast, well rounded female characters, and directed by a black man (Ladika). This was a superhero blockbuster that made 700 million at the domestic box office making it the highest grossing film of 2018 domestically. The reason why it made huge money was because of trying to “think outside the box” of what a blockbuster can provide besides spectacle CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), reaching out to stories with diverse characters and settings. Movie theaters are now adding an luxury element to solve their decline in movie theater attendance. Now at movie theaters, foods that are included will involve several dining options and alcohol. While the viewer is watching a film on a big screen, recliner chairs help the experience to be more relaxing (Ladika). With these good news, it looks like there might be some return investments and attendance if more ideas like these are focused on, instead of the reliance on releasing the predictable blockbusters.

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From Bent Publishing

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