Opinion Blog: Nostalgia Critic – The Powerpuff Girls Movie

Wow Nostalgia Critic was right! This film had all the action and drama and in the end it left you with an underwhelming experience. The Powerpuff Girls Movie was released on July 3, 2002 with a mediocre response from critics and audiences. It was reviewed by the Nostalgia Critic on November 7, 2018 on his site, Channel Awesome.

The filmmakers tried to depict a serious plot, but the story needed to be more multidimensional to really flesh out the characters and the emotions efficiently. In this film, the action and comedy was worthy of notice for its speed and entertaining value. The animation in the film looked ten times better than the show’s animation on Cartoon Network. On the other hand, the film needed a clever script so it would not look like an extended episode that was lazily put into the theaters. 

In the end, I did have a fun time watching this movie again for its nostalgia. I was able to relive the moments of watching this film and the TV show on Cartoon Network. I praise this film for its sleek animation design, simple humor, and fast action. However, it drags in its underwhelming story and character development. I give this movie a score of 3 out of 5 stars in line with Nostalgia Critic’s opinion.

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